The vision of Keswick School Geography department is for students to become global citizens, who are deeply passionate about investigating and reflecting upon the dynamic world we live in.   We aim to inspire students to 'Think Like a Geographer'.

Geography is a deeply thought-provoking subject.  Through the study of geography, questions regarding the natural and human world can be explored and answered.  At Keswick School we aim to develop both knowledge and understanding of place and the environment, drawing on personal experience and interests to drive a thirst for knowledge. 

Geography links the physical, cultural, political and economic worlds. Students at Keswick School are invited to investigate these links to better understand the world they live in and the world they will work in, the world they will help to shape. 

We study geography through enquiry and investigation, debates and discussions.  Fieldwork and outdoor learning at both a local and regional level are essential to geography, and we aim to incorporate this throughout the curriculum in all years.

Learning is reinforced through local, national and global contexts at each key stage.  Case studies incorporated into units of work provide detailed comparisons as well as providing further local context. 

Examples include:-

A study of climate in Year 7 comparing Cumbria, London and global zones.

Glaciated landscapes in Cumbria and field sketches in Year 8

The importance of Tourism in Keswick is studied in Year 9 (this links back to the start of Key Stage 3 and our Year 7 Cumbria unit.)

A carefully balanced, spiral curriculum combined with the development of independent learning, revision techniques and regular assessment facilitates longer-term memory.  

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