Academic Life

All schools aim and have a responsibility to teach up to a standard whereby pupils are able to pass exams. Keswick School, however, goes above and beyond that responsibility, training pupils to higher levels than required and instilling in each pupil, a passion for learning and thirst for knowledge.

Right through the school, from Year 7 to Year 13, there is emphasis placed upon students learning for themselves, even if this means they make some minor mistakes along the way. This is why interactive learning and educational trips are such a large part of school life which excite pupils, inspire them to learn and understand the relevance and application of what they are learning.

We also encourage students to bring their own device (BYOD) to school to enhance learning, please click here to register a device

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Map Year 7

Curriculum Map Year 8

Curriculum Map Year 9

Curriculum Map Year 10

Curriculum Map Year 11

Curriculum Map Year 12

Curriculum Map Year 12

Curriculum Map Year 13

Keswick School Step Grids

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